Special pages can make the user experience better site quickly get good rankings

to sum up, this is how companies use special pages to seize the introduction of long tail keywords ranking, if you want to do web site to get more traffic, it can also take this approach, the effect is very good, of course at the time of construction, the tips also need a reasonable grasp, so as to achieve good the effect of.


project page and home page has a certain difference

1, we need to pay special attention to the timeliness of the topic page, here for example, for example, now a lot of people want to learn many things about studying abroad, more users want to get the latest content, then in order to attract more users to browse, add 2017 to go abroad to study such words in the title in.

page is actually a content aggregation page, it is the source of information from the topic contents of articles, pictures or video, keywords very complex topic page is often better able to get users to experience, in the whole website design is also very important.

The When the 2,

must contain a keyword search, for it is designed mainly to get more traffic, so that in the title of the design must contain keyword search, but also need to adopt the guidance statement.

project page strategy

page and what needs attention in the production of

The The

many people will think you are often special pages in home, and the home is in fact it has some differences, such as the top write presentations also need to select a view on the topic, to facilitate users to browse more, need to be more professional in the design process and there is also need to add the content page within the chain to the theme page.

in the construction site, in fact, a web page title in length are also very limited, key words usually you can see the page title contains between three to five, then if the site is to get keywords more traffic, but also can through the special page for this purpose but in fact, the display effect is also very good, so how to do the construction project page, what precautions? Let us look at the introduction on the topic page.

3, in the title of the best design also need to add some instructive statement.

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