Shanghai Longfeng is equal to when the mother to understand patience, persistence and patience


first at the beginning of a A5 for this powerful writing platform brings us out of the ordinary news included and reproduced. Let us in the network promotion of the Internet platform has a good focal length.

I put the

do also need to have patience and considerate: when love Shanghai not included when the website not snapshots when our words are away from us — escape forever not to solve the problem of the. This point is fully revealed when the owners like when the mother must have patience, to learn how to care for him to love her for him. (original Chinese 8U

website exaggeration analogy into a child, let’s do the webmaster is actually a mom. Each day the children to eat and drink. And every day we do the chain website add news writing.

know it is not easy to do a website, but if you want to make a website with a success is not easy. The loss of time Shanghai dragon must also have some patience and careful relative binding.


children need to take care of, in a word: "no cloudy day" when the child (website) when encountered some minor problems such as those of us sick mother (owners) will need careful care, pull children grow up handfuls of nose bolt up heart website as well, to remind the owners to understand take care of your


reminder: thanks again A5 webmaster of this platform for our matchmaking. Thanks to the stationmaster net us for years when the owners when the mother contributions.

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