How to understand the rapid increase of the chain related domain is very important

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when you know the site outside the chain can be accurately detected results, how to increase the chain? In the past, the increase of the chain is very easy, for example, by buying links can quickly increase website weight. But with the search engine algorithm updates, such as the Shanghai green love algorithm for link trading and the chain of garbage strike is very strict. Only the weight of high quality the chain will be credited to domain results.

Where is the

related fields? When you increase the chain of a web site, you will find your site fuzzy chain also have to increase the number of. So, through the platform of high quality of the chain distribution, can effectively increase the relevant domain of your site, so that the chain has rapidly increased, helps to optimize the site.

original pioneer domain

How to view the

chain? Through the search engine domain instruction. For example, you enter the domain: site in the Shanghai love search box, see your web site outside of the chain will be from the relevant results. The index page content is where the recommended site. But there is one point to note is the result will be not relevant to your website appear, look carefully, you will find that your site is fuzzy display. This is clearly with the fuzzy search engine retrieval, the fuzzy retrieval range? Obviously related domain is your site.


said "the chain for emperor", is very important for the website optimization effect. Regularly for website chain has become one of the daily work of the Shanghai dragon er. Here, Xiao Bian just want to remind you that in the end of the chain site optimization have no effect? Do optimization is obviously not to work and wait for the expected results. We need to re understand clearly the chain in website optimization effect.


chain, it is simply the external links in the website of others in your web site, can be divided into pure text links, so the chain and anchor text. The chain reflects your website by the recommended level, obviously the higher level, the higher the quality of the website. The search engine to judge a website according to this principle, so the chain of website optimization has a very good effect.

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