Tumblr six years of growth — from one person to one hundred million people


you remember last month to sell the Instapaper Betawork Marco Arment, in fact he has another identity – joint founder of the famous Tumblr and CTO, then left the company in 2010, become independent developers and technology bloggers.

is now 6 years of entrepreneurial Tumblr YAHOO to $1 billion 100 million acquisition of high priced, Arment also touched the hearts of the review of the early Tumblr and the subsequent development of the development. After all, he looked at the company as well as the growth of David Karp step by step.


2006 David Karp, a few months later, he and Macro Arment do network development

2006, Arment has worked with Karp for the media company to develop the site, including Frederator, Serious Eats, etc.. In the autumn of that year, looking for new customers, Karp told Arment that he had an idea for some time and was planning to make it happen. The domain name of the website has been bought, is tumblr.com, it will be a release of "tumblelogs" note platform.

soon two of them developed a prototype of Tumblr, and obtained Lifehacker reports, and the report on the front page of Digg first place, please note that it was 2007, and now the position of Digg very influential, almost Reddit, users love to go places. How many people were interested in the idea of Tumblr.


2007, Karp desktop

Arment and Karp Strike while the iron is hot. soon, Tumblr increased the function of reblogging, this website is no longer a simple content publishing platform, but with social elements, so that the morphology of the products to be unique. Followed by the summer of 2007, Karp decided to stop site outsourcing services, seeking funding, all time Tumblr before, two people’s income depends on the income and deposit Karp consulting work, very limited budget. Thus, in November 1, 2007, the two announced the launch of the Tumblr and the launch of the third major design.

followed by sustained and rapid growth. >