Website put AdSense advertising in the end how much revenue can bring

on the official Google AdSense help center, "I can get much income through this program?" the common problems in Google, the official answer is income may be pay per click (CPC) or by CPM (CPM), Google paid and publishers into proportion is not open, but the commitment publishers from Google to get the income of not less than from other web site advertising revenue. Google is the best way to find out how much money can be made to register, publish ads try, from the background you can see the actual income.

but I think there are still a lot of people who have not used AdSense want to know about the income of the existing publishers, publishers have also wanted to understand the income of other publishers. Published on the Internet, very few of their income, the following example I to talk about:


AdSense currently has content promotion advertising, search advertising, search alliance, domain name advertising, Feed advertising, advertising, mobile advertising and other means, but the actual general publishers advertising revenue are based on content of ads, web sites (except a few others in search advertising, search alliance, and advertising content based) the pay per click (CPC) type of income, my own example is the pay per click advertising accounted for more than 90% of total revenue.

in advertising can be classified in the calculation, a simple formula: total income = pageviews * revenue per thousand impressions, the revenue per thousand impressions showed eCPM backstage at the Google, is generally between 0.1 to 1 U.S. dollars, if the advertising is set properly, there is likely to be lower than $0.1, if optimized well, to more than $0.5, if it is targeted advertising website or the content of good quality English website, there may be more than 1 U.S. dollars.

the average level of the site can be estimated by the amount of $0.3 to browse, for example:

The daily number of daily

page display page display is thousands of times revenue per thousand impressions (eCPM) estimated daily income, dollars, equal to the first two columns multiplying daily income, converted into yuan, to 6.7 yuan / dollars monthly income, 30 days to calculate

100 times $0.3 / thousand dollars 0.2 yuan 6 yuan


1000 times $0.3 / thousand dollars 2 yuan 60 yuan 0.3 yuan

10000 times $0.3 / thousand dollars 20 yuan 600 yuan 3 yuan

100000 times $0.3 / thousand dollars 200 yuan 6000 yuan 30 yuan

1000000 times $0.3 / thousand dollars 2000 yuan 60000 yuan

1 million

10000000 10,00>