Think twice before starting a business venture

has been trying to write such an article recently, mainly want to give people who want to prepare a network of ideas, but also to entrepreneurs a chance to reflect on.

I don’t love a network of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs, " " I love " network businessman " instead, because always feel " business " the word is too large and too broad, feels a little aloof, as with the business people more practical. First of all, we do network industry, whether it is to do their own, or together with others, our profit model is to sell products, of course, here there are many kinds of products, including: advertising, selling services, selling their goods, selling goods to others… Etc., common say is to do the sales. The following point.

We have a lot of attention to the

network before starting things, I will give you a a straight.

first, technology and funding.

on this point, I would like to give an example, some time ago a friend to chat with me, he said he wanted to do the network industry, ready to start, he asked a lot of questions, and are not in some primary primary knowledge, even what is the website keyword he did not clear, HTML the code is a bit do not understand. I was thinking that since he wanted to network business, and no technology, he certainly has the funds, relying on financial help, hire people who have the ability to help him, but when I asked him if he is not a lot of money, he said he had no money. Finally, I give him the reply is: brother, first find a proper job, do things about the future. Then, no, then lost contact, I hope he can succeed.

is an example of the meaning is very simple, nothing more than technology and money you must have one, of course, both will be better.

secondly, customer groups.

basically now customer groups can be divided into three categories – high-end, midrange and low-end. High end groups are rich in the world, in the end of the group refers to the middle class, the low end of the group said things civilians. Make a product before we have to clear our customer base is what kind of income groups.

third, customer acceptance.

the so-called customer refers to the size of the product demand, we determine the face of the product groups, but also need to know how many of our products in the market has the customer needs.

fourth, the source of visitors.

we do the fundamental network traffic, there is no flow of sales, of course, there are many ways to get traffic, including the flow of the site and the third party platform traffic.

about this, you must have a clear understanding of the business, if you do your own products, then you do not have this

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