Taobao water advertising model to seek C2C earnings

free is not a profit model, but the charges are not necessarily all of the C2C website profit model, Taobao has never given up efforts in the profit model. Yesterday, Taobao vice president Shao Xiaofeng on the first financial daily said, Taobao is planning to enter the field of network marketing, test the brand advertising and help manufacturers and shopkeepers selling product advertising.

was founded four years ago, Taobao through the free mode will be the world’s largest C2C vendor eBay out of the Chinese market, but also to the industry will grab the market will not make money, the criticism. Last year, had tried to "try some of the charges, but the felicitous wish of making money" just one month was forced off the assembly line, which also makes Taobao in search of profit model has become increasingly cautious.

uses user value

According to the

data in the advertising industry, from the current Internet advertising market in the next few years, the Internet advertising market will continue to grow at a rate of 35%~40%, but with the development of new media, and the share structure of Internet advertising industry will change greatly, occupy most of the market share from traditional several major portals, start slowly diverted to other emerging Internet media, such as community, blog, video and electronic commerce website etc..

at present, the number of registered members of Taobao more than 40 million people, the number of daily online goods more than 77 million pieces, the daily turnover exceeded $100 million in the first half of 2007 reached 15 billion 700 million yuan turnover.

according to Alexa data, the average click rate for each user of Taobao 16.7 pages, the highest in China’s top ten of the site’s traffic,, Baidu is 12.8.

Shao Xiaofeng said that from the user characteristics can also be seen, Taobao has focused on the first part of the online shopping as part of the daily shopping online shopping crowd and gathered a consumer opinion leaders. At present, has established the largest consumer data, and real-time control of the dynamic consumption of online shopping groups, and advertisers advertising will lead to related purchase behavior, these advertisers are most fancy, in Taobao’s advertising value.

marketing model

Taobao test the water network marketing business includes the following initiatives: first, to help advertisers to enhance the brand; two, to help advertisers to promote sales. Brand promotion includes brand promotion, market research, in station activities, community activities, etc.. Sales promotion refers to the development of network marketing channels, including brand flagship store construction, business recruitment, the first product offering, personalized custom, cheap sale season, clearance etc..

, according to Shao Xiaofeng introduction, Taobao in the development of advertising resources while respecting the user experience, and now Taobao for internal promotion of advertising, the future will basically be used to sell. In the development of the time we have taken into account the user experience, the user is not interested in the transaction process advertising."

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