Huaqingjiayuan to help entrepreneurs a large number of Web2.0 business district was born

2006, a large number of Web2.0 companies born in Huaqingjiayuan area, why is Huaqingjiayuan? For 6 years, where are they now?



| Liu Hengtao

"originally I remember here more than three expensive." Bridge coffee dog network founder Tang Yang sat beside Wudaokou, pointing to the opposite Hualian Building of "entrepreneur" and said, "where the house rent has a square meter to 7.5 yuan, Tsinghua Science Park 6.5 yuan, 7 yuan, you rent a 200 square meters, 1400 yuan a day, a month is 42 thousand yuan, construction area of 200 square meters, more than and 100 square meters area may be used, few people can not plug."

Tang Yang said that the original is around 2006, when he graduated from Tsinghua University, he has founded several companies. His dog network was born near Wudaokou huaqingjiayuan. At that time, Huaqingjiayuan, gathered a lot of Internet entrepreneurs like him.

that time, Tang Yang have some money, love around to see the project. He said at the time, send a short message to be Huaqingjiayuan venture brothers pulled several small garden chat. Many brothers founded enterprises most here, who need money for him to see, he put in four or five projects in 2006, the Wang Xing angel investors.

Huaqingjiayuan, located in a Wudaokou subway near the ordinary residential areas, once the Internet entrepreneurs paradise. Here, out of the campus network, storm, Fanfou and, kuxun, zhuaxia, said the beautiful, cool, as other Internet companies.

"I think there are so few interesting places Huaqingjiayuan: first, it by Tsinghua University, which graduates can work in the near future; second, near life service facilities, such as bridge coffee, carving time near the big family can sit here and chat a chat, drink. Third, convenient traffic, near Wudaokou’s suburban railway." Tang Yang said.

800 yuan will be able to work place

in 2006, founded the dog man network before Tang Yang has been engaged in a variety of innovative things, he several times before business, are in Huaqingjiayuan around, but not the kind of special explosive company. Do dog community dog people network, is inspired by his wife rabbit, raising a rabbit to spend 400 yuan a month to $500, so that the opportunity to see Tang yang.

Tang Yang decided to do a dog community, he found the presence of Huaqingjiayuan entrepreneur Wu Mengye, who made a comparison of 100 search site search network, after listening to think this is reliable, and enthusiasm to help the dog people nets, the domain name is registered to Wu Mengye. Wu Mengye later went to the sound desk, became the founder of Zhang Dou partner.

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