4 small entrepreneurial team how to surround the city in rural areas do smart home

intelligent Home Furnishing, one is a tall thing, people feel too profound to be understood, full of sense of technology. The real situation is: the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Now the so-called smart home, the general practice is also only in the device to increase the control of a mobile phone only, in my opinion, just by a remote control, intelligent two words, there seems to be some distance.

now intelligent Home Furnishing practitioners generally have two kinds of ways: one is from the home began, unified design in house decoration, adding a variety of intelligent design; two is to start from the small items, to the countryside to encircle the city play, slowly penetrate. Two play, have their own advantages, the first play, obviously can only belong to tall pointed enterprises, from the source to start, so we can see that now many entrepreneurs in the second way race each other, are looking forward to catch a small entrance, from the point to the surface, slowly penetrate coverage.

as a micro entrepreneurs, for smart home, I think it really can only go to the countryside encircling the city route. The reasons are as follows:

1, the high cost of home improvement, not only requires a considerable number of entrepreneurs decoration design capabilities, but also with the majority of developers, home improvement design company bargaining power. Now most of the domestic commercial housing is sold with a decoration. In other words, for the general public, the possibility and willingness of the new house decoration is too low. Not many people are willing to toss this costly effort. General entrepreneurs do not have the ability to do this thing, it is not subjective to do things, no money, no one, no resources. Basically in this matter is a "three noes", can be said that the basic game.

2, the possibility of a further improvement in the existing family of two is too low. For most people, the home of these things, such as water and electricity, once fixed, basically do not want to change again, unless a situation: a problem. As for the replacement switch panel, from now on, unless it is very interested and willing to toss, or like this socket panel live, the average person is not willing to move, let alone for the socket panel live, even change the bulb this simple things, for most people, unless the light bad, or to change the bulb is also estimated can lazy lazy. To change people’s views on these things, the education market takes too long, until the market education, for small entrepreneurs, even die, is dying.

Why is

more intelligent Home Furnishing said so many years has not been able to become one of the reasons. Well, said so much nonsense, then how to cut into the market, a little bit of cake to eat


for the average entrepreneur, human, material, capital, if it is difficult to support large-scale research and development, promotion, the choice of suitable products to carry out this big market is a bit interesting.

1, the first product to be universal, it should be the majority of families have, can afford;

2, product >