Zhou Hongyi talent is accumulated to keep trying to learn

as long as you do a good job in some areas, it may be said that you have talent in this regard. When you hear such words, do not take it seriously, because it is likely that they are in the escape, not willing to face up to the reality of their own efforts. Do a good job of products, in fact, do a good job with other things is a truth, if there is a talent, it is only in the long process of continuous pain, and constantly try to fail, and constantly learn to develop.

for example, the famous Jobs, his partner Jobs Wozniak said never give Apple Computer written code, he was expelled from the Apple Corp after a computer firm called NeXT, not what color. In 1997 he returned to the Apple Corp, until 2000, four years in the computer color also changed, but almost no effect on what the Wintel camp. The MP3 player wasn’t his idea when he started iPod. I believe this process, Jobs must have pain, there is a time of confusion. But this process is not without value, when the volcano magma gushing out before, it must be in the lower crust is not extremely conspicuous in brewing, in the accumulation of.


generation could not understand this generation, this generation saw the next generation, so the 70 after 80, 90 is criticized by speed fed generation ", is a desire for success, not willing to wait a generation. Passionate, impatient, rude, fickle, impatient…… Have become 80, 90 after the label. I think, rather than a generation of labels, it is better to say that the characteristics of the younger generation. Think of when we were 70 after twenty around the age, has also been criticized for a generation of impatience, coarse, reckless, disobedient, good-for-nothing.

but if you are 80, 90 young people, or you are a 50, 60, home is 80, 90 of the child, I most want to say to you that the sentence is: no matter what label, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Is God, but in the process of growth, as do Internet products, a lot of things there is not enough enthusiasm to make good, need to continue to adhere to, need strong toughness, need long-term concern about some of the details.

some time ago, when I was doing "every day" program announced my mobile phone number, the every day there will be a lot of people give me a call, SMS, email to me, teach me how to give advice and suggestions, NRK, beat Baidu, get rid of Tencent, also some people give me some about product recommendations. I know that the ultimate NRK basic is not reliable, you have a wonderful and great willingness to have a strong passion, but most of them only three minutes heat. If you do this, I guarantee that after the passion is troubled.

so, everyone should set a great plan and noble ambition should ask yourself, do you have the toughness, can you hold on? We all played the game, played mahjong, may never.