Taobao search rules to adjust the seller’s service quality factors highlighted

Taobao today announced that since July 8th this year, the Taobao search ranking rules to make adjustments, the impact of the quality of the seller’s service quality will greatly increase the sort. The seller breaches, the number and proportion of complaints, refund number, will directly affect the ranking of sellers in Taobao search results. At the same time, cheating records have begun to accumulate and archive, as one of the factors of the seller’s service quality. Because Taobao shopping occupy more than 80% market share of domestic network, and a large number of sellers on the Taobao search to bring traffic rather rely, expected this adjustment will bring a positive impact on the domestic online shopping industry overall level of service.

search optimization cheating will be strictly

as much as possible to obtain the traffic has been one of the key points of the development of Taobao, so the seller, for a variety of SEO Taobao search (search engine optimization) method has also been the object of the research to the seller. However, due to the many sellers pay too much attention to the neglect of the traffic flow will eventually become the transaction conversion rate, some SEO means become "stale" and even the evolution of cheating, damage to the online shopping platform fair competition in the market environment, reduce consumer search and purchase experience.

it is understood that some sellers in order to get a better ranking on the search and more opportunities to show, using a lot of cheating means. Credit speculation, false trading, deliberately put in the wrong category, repeat, repeat distribution, shop goods, false advertising, keyword stuffing postage, no goods hanging, all belong to the category of cheating. Some sellers through improper means of cheating profit, to bring the wrong example to other sellers, and the biggest victims are Taobao buyers. The more cheating, buyers will reduce the accuracy of the search, their consumption experience will be reduced, it will reduce the cost of online shopping channels, in the long run, all sellers will be the ultimate victims.

therefore, with Taobao to crack down on speculation black industry chain, the adjustment of the Taobao search rules will be more stringent penalties for these cheating. The seller will be cheated by the search engine drop right, serious or even direct filtering does not show. Taobao search a responsible person said, with Taobao in the anti cheat team is getting stronger and stronger, the kind of cheat cheat flow of good days will never return.

is the name of the person in charge, the seller of goods through the reasonable arrangement of time window, make full use of their own store shelves, choosing the right keywords to improve the relevance and focus on the cultivation of some goods to improve the popularity and other methods to improve the ranking, belong to SEO, not affected by the adjustment of the rules.

goal: to enhance the consumer experience

relative to the punishment of cheating, the seller is the highlight of the quality of service factors are more compelling rules. It is understood that the seller breaches, refund number and proportion, the number and proportion of overtime refund, the complaint number, delivery speed, response speed, buyers want assessment scores and so on, will affect the sellers in the Taobao search ranking.


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