To eight degrees high cloud hosting Youth Network Limited seckill Trailer

Since the beginning of the year of the snake

since the eight launch of eight cloud hosting network with one month free trial offers a free, experiential marketing, have many webmaster friends blitz, get a good reputation effect, eight sales of industry-leading cloud hosting. Now the May youth season, eight of the network again heavy attack, to give a eight degree high cloud hosting, limit seckill sent, give you an unexpected surprise!

eight degree cloud host May event notice:

activity 1: full cloud host (except special) to buy a one-time delivery of 4 months in January, paid to send for a period of 3 months;

activity 2: limited reserve price to buy 20 high-end cloud hosting

On the morning of 22 May 10th

and 10 a.m. (20 minutes end) double cloud host I price 1460 yuan / year limited price spike 888 yuan / year

cloud host charm index where?

index, a more secure backup function. The user can set the automatic backup, providing critical data offsite backup and recovery, customers can be connected through the line or the Internet and service center, key data backup; when customers need to backup data recovery, rollback can be quickly data at multiple time points using the service recovery system.

index two, more stable cluster resources. This is the basic characteristics of cloud hosting, cloud hosting is a number of similar independent virtual host part in a group of cluster hosts, each host cluster has a mirror on the cloud host, greatly improve the safety and stability of the virtual host, unless the host of all clusters within all the problems, the cloud host will be unable to visit.

index three, smoother upgrade more freedom. Cloud host size has a certain flexibility, according to user needs to change the allocation of resources to meet the needs of the customer business load flexibility changes.

eight network cloud host

why emerge?

rich customer demand, independent innovation research and development of high-end cloud products: eight degrees 2012.10.16 launched a strong network in the cloud platform series of cloud host, not only has three basic characteristics of the common host cloud, is in operation visualization as a service, or any Internet tools to log cloud management background, real-time monitoring of the site of CPU resources the memory, and the flow rate of the relevant data, not through the remote login server case, greatly reduces the risk of the site. More cloud products refer to: eight degrees of sea fishing strategy articles: cloud computing applications

free experiential marketing effect: eight network aware, many webmaster in view of cloud host or a bit strange, cloud hosting is good, applicable or not, practice the truth, customers used to know after contrast, make a reasonable choice. Eight degree network cloud hosting free experiential marketing is undoubtedly an advanced strategy, the user does not need to spend the cost, you can understand the performance of the product, no doubt the user’s most assured >

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