The footwear industry slump This is a year to open 30 brand sales over one billion

2010, to enter China’s CHARLES& KEITH set up the first store in Shanghai, currently a total of 165 stores.

nowadays, it is not easy to buy a pair of shoes in the market. The high price prohibitive, long-term price promotions and makes people feel tired, and H& M, ZARA, such as UNIQLO fast fashion brand in the footwear choice is relatively limited.

said BELLE shoes, not open around the department store, once occupied the shoe king, are on the average of 3 stores closed, net profit decline in high speed. There is no denying that the trend of physical consumption from the department store to the transfer of large shopping centers, so that these BELLE betting department store brand ship difficult to turn around.


, a Singapore brand CHARLES& KEITH has become the industry’s "a stream", with the brand positioning, fast fashion 300 yuan people off the price of a firm foothold in the Chinese. Although the Chinese market is not a long time, but now on the right track, steady development. Among them, the electricity supplier part of eye-catching performance, accounting for nearly 20% of the overall annual sales in china.

CHARLES& KEITH in the apparel industry overall sluggish situation, the electricity supplier online upstream? Reporters came to CHARLES& KEITH is located in Shanghai Chinese district headquarters of the Ministry of the electricity supplier general director Andy Chen interview.


fast fashion is the core of the data

it is understood that today’s CHARLES&, KEITH, online will have about 20 new shelves each week, which accounted for the proportion of shoe bags each accounted for 50%. In addition to a price below the line of goods, and as a part of an exclusive online commodity.

so quickly on the new, how to seize the uncertainty of the popular trends in the stability of things Andy Chen, the answer is probably the data.

is located in Shanghai Jingan District company, the internal environment like brand tonality and simple style, most notably in the office area the company’s online information data series wall.

"company data is completely transparent," said Andy Chen, the technical background of his current electricity supplier team led a total of 70 people. In the company’s overall team architecture, electricity providers and retail is two parallel teams, so through the business intelligence solutions, the team can quickly analyze the user, goods, retail and other aspects of the regional layout.

in the data driven, the company’s business intelligence software system can provide data reference for ordering and other links.

"a lot of companies will spend time in business data analysis, but because our data is transparent, can be given to the various departments in a timely manner data reference"

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