Biography Alibaba want to acquire Hulu in exchange for shares in the hands of YAHOO


[TechWeb] reported on December 9th, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO may give up the acquisition of Hulu, instead of Alibaba acquisition Hulu. After the acquisition together with Hulu plus $10 billion in cash to redeem YAHOO shares in Alibaba.

YAHOO recently in strategic adjustment. Because Asia is far from the United States, this part of the value can not resonate with the strategic value of the United States, so YAHOO intends to sell assets in asia.

currently, YAHOO holds 40% shares of the Alibaba, if the $14 billion deal directly, will deliver a huge tax.

so, with the Hulu exchange method arises at the historic moment.

, of course, some people think that the plan is Arabian Nights. Because Hulu’s parent doesn’t want to sell Hulu.

in addition, if there is such a thing, the use of cash will be sufficient to peel off (cash-rich split-off), you can avoid tax, but the process and content are very complex. (Bo Ning)

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