Look at the principles of network marketing through DELL

DELL in 1996 began to use the Internet as a sales channel, is the first use of network marketing company, in 1997, DELL became the first network marketing reached $1 million of the company. If someone asked me: " we want to improve the network marketing, what is the most basic? " I will not use one or two words to answer. I will not conduct a case study, I suggest that we first look at the official website of DELL and the sale of several principles and procedures. This is half of our corporate culture, half of the work method, all the teams here know how to continuously improve our website. Here are a few of the principles that have a great impact on ongoing work.

measurement accuracy

DELL is the most basic " flowing blood " is measured. We often focus on the optimization and improvement of the system, and the use of measurement methods to understand the ups and downs of the company’s business. Online measurement, like this, is part of the site’s daily conversations, but more importantly, when we talk about the company’s business, online measurements are also included. Transmission and conversion rates are part of a daily discussion, many of which are often used to understand customer behavior.

is accurate in terms of frequency, which uses measurement methods to report the status of customers and businesses. The definition is very important, so we have to make sure that every employee knows the true meaning of the measurement and how it affects the business. We use dashboard and operational reviews to manage upgrades to correct employee behavior that does not meet objectives. We make the method of obtaining data " democratization " so that people can observe the customer behavior and the influence of the company through the company analysis.

concerns and ownership

we have created a website called the planning position, it has two jobs to do. First, he or she must be " Web site manager " responsible for part of the site management workflow, work content and sales decisions. But perhaps more importantly, they have ownership of the measurement method, such as the conversion rate of ownership. This ownership means that they are responsible for the achievement of the goal, the ownership will make them at the center of the information hub, in the product manager, trademark managers, developers and senior management. Each week, they report to the senior management and partners on the progress and initial plans to be improved.

from small to large

may be different is to comment on our ideas to be tested on the basis of this is our characteristics. Because the data placed there, and our data often blindly, so we use some test methods to show that we are worth the investment. We are experimenting with new technologies, new sales methods, page layout, navigation and content. On the project, we give priority to the net present value (NPV), use and maintain the net. Pass the quiz – from small to large – we can know what we do

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