Liu Qiangdong Jingdong O2O platform to do the square dance aunt to do distribution

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong

at the 2015 Boao forum for Asia, Jingdong founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong as a representative of the electricity supplier in the opening ceremony. He disclosed to the outside world in 2015, Jingdong’s new strategy, O2O and cross-border electricity supplier has become a new strategic direction of Jingdong.

in an exclusive dialogue with sina, said Liu Qiangdong, Jingdong to do is a O2O platform to connect consumers, businesses and distribution. The distribution of the main members of the Jingdong will not be staff, he said he would launch a square dance aunt do distribution.

Jingdong is doing O2O platform to launch a square dance aunt do fresh delivery

O2O Jingdong actually entered the field is not too early, this seems to subvert a new field of traditional industries in the night before, each industry seems to have been a few companies have a firm foothold. In addition, the classification of the origin of their own information 58 also launched the "58 home", began to march into various segments.

for these first competitors, Liu Qiangdong seemed very calm.

he said to sina science and technology, said Jingdong from the day of the establishment of the electricity supplier in the field is also latecomer, but they eventually caught up with the. In addition, he thought he had to do with the 58 different.

58 home is mainly concentrated in the service, such as the nanny, move, such as Manicure, Jingdong and traditional advantages of commodities. Our O2O department called ‘take home’, the main is fresh, is to solve the problem of people eating fresh vegetables three meals a day, Liu Qiangdong said.

he said the Jingdong will be built into a complete platform, and traditional business super cooperation, the use of their supply chain, the vegetables to consumers. The Jingdong is planning to use their own distribution personnel, Liu Qiangdong want to mobilize social resources, the use of fragmentation of time, as 95% of the distribution of power.

he said, "there are a lot of retired old people in Beijing, they have a lot of time in the square dance dance. If they want to, can be 2 miles a day around the residence to send food for one or two hours. It can exercise, but also for community service, not ", the mode of shooting two birds with one stone? Said Liu Qiang East is the result of a result of two or three years of continuous summary and reflection.

fresh electricity supplier in fact, there have been many entrepreneurs in the country to try, but so far in the business and repercussions are very general. Liu Qiangdong thought it was a problem with their business logic, and he felt he was doing too much.

is now the fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs to self based, planing to fixed costs, due to its characteristics of fresh if not reached a certain sales volume and turnover rate, it will lead to the collapse of the rotten loss of entrepreneurs.

Liu Qiangdong O2O strategy combined with the traditional super business, logistics and warehousing costs will be left to them, but also intends to mobilize social forces to reduce the

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