Comments Amazon settled in the United States last straw

to sell Gome on Friday to open shops in the Amazon Chinese, which is the United States following the line in Wumart, Lianhua traditional retail channels to the net shop store form. In the electricity industry gezonglianheng background, once the old rivals Suning and Ali marriage and holding each other, a high degree of overlap of the bright younger generation Jingdong and Gome, Gome is the best choice for Amazon seems to be aligned in the tide of business. However, the family background and a strong color of the United States and the United States and the cultural integration of the Amazon cautious culture, a direct impact on the outcome of bilateral cooperation.

once again test the electricity supplier shop shop

Amazon announced strategic cooperation in Beijing Chinese Gome and the day before, the two sides will from the online store and supply chain output two point joint force, that the United States flagship store on-line in the Amazon China, while Amazon will be from GOME Electrical appliances product procurement.

is currently Chinese Amazon platform "Gome flagship store" refrigerator, washing machine, color TV and other large appliances, the future will gradually expand to 3C products; at present the United States flagship store to serve the Beijing market as the center, is expected this year will be extended to the major domestic second city.

"this cooperation, fully reflects the ability of the supply chain of the third side of the United states." Gome President Wang Junzhou said that the future of China and the United States will be in the Amazon third aspects of the supply of goods, logistics solutions, after-sales service and other areas to carry out in-depth cooperation.

in fact, from 2014 onwards, Gome online has been stationed in Wumart, Century Lianhua and other traditional channels, the United States is the use of the supply chain, procurement and customer service service ability etc.. For this cooperation, not only the traditional retail channels to get rid of the burden of the electrical category, the United States can also share the flow of the store and reduce store costs. With its brilliance in the Century Lianhua supermarket as an example, the United States does not pay the rent, but the payment 3%-4.5% sales commission to the partners, but the monthly sales base.

however, the United States and Amazon China did not disclose the specific mode of cooperation.

in addition, the online shop in the store is not the first time the United States to test the water cooperation model. In 2012 the United States has settled Dangdang and Tmall. But Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday and again log above two electronic business platform, did not see the United States, LOGO.

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Gome has not only the traditional offline stores, as well as its own online platform Gome online. For the Beijing Business Daily reporter proposed "the United States on the Amazon platform flagship store and Gome online relationship", Wang Junzhou said, "with the United States online is different online window, Amazon China the United States flagship by Gome supply chain delivery and operation". It is the competition between the two.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday in the United States and the United States and Australia on the Amazon platform random random checks on a number of goods on the flagship store, but the United States than the flagship store online merchandise price advantage. For example