Taobao began to gradually shift from B2C C2C

Taobao C2C

due to the seller so buyers have more and more uneven in quality, tend to go to the Taobao shopping mall. With the proportion of Taobao mall in the proportion of the total turnover of Taobao is growing, Alibaba group’s chief of staff, Zeng Ming has made it clear that Taobao will focus on the overall shift to Taobao mall. This means that B2C in Taobao will be more and more weight. December 1st, Zeng Ming said in an interview that Taobao was able to defeat the e-commerce giant Eaby in the fierce competition, it is very important reason is that Taobao is not a pure C2C platform. Taobao hopes that through its own platform, to attract more partners to jointly provide the necessary services for Taobao’s buyers and sellers to jointly develop this market.

Taobao fully turned to B2C, does not mean that it will take the path of excellence, Dangdang network. and belong to a typical B2C companies, most of the services are doing their own hands, but Taobao is still only a platform to provide services, the credibility can withstand the test of enterprises in the platform for sales, specific services by third party partners to provide.

Zeng Ming said, Taobao upgrade from the original to B2C mode, need to provide a number of services, these kinds of services can not all do so by Taobao, to attract more partners is necessary. It is understood that in December 1st, Taobao launched the "Amoy" platform, have the shopex shop system,, Ai Rui and other famous enterprises stationed in. They provide services for Taobao customers, and then divided into Taobao.

with Taobao’s B2C model gradually surfaced, Taobao mall is also booming. At present, Taobao mall business presence has reached more than 10 thousand, according to the agreement, in addition to Taobao mall sellers need to pay all the expenses in each transaction, after all, to be divided according to the provisions of the agreement will give Taobao. The upcoming 3D shopping community, the user oriented to Taobao mall based.

Taobao this mode of change, will not directly affect the survival of small and medium sellers because of this concern, Taobao sellers in the Taobao community for a lively discussion. A business online card merchant Post said, they sell products profit is very thin, if the buyer goes to Taobao mall, it is more difficult to continue. For this problem, Zeng Ming said, small sellers have 2 choices in the future will be a choice is to shift to large businesses enterprises, the second is to maintain the status quo, there will still be room for development, but it is difficult to compete with big sellers.

Internet analysts believe that Taobao’s transformation of this model means that the big Taobao strategy has begun to accelerate the construction of. And pat, ah, and other competitors, Taobao has undoubtedly seen higher, go further.

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