Chinese nternet big change who will be the future of the nternet industry leader

The new money movement


this message in the market once spread, many people skeptical. "The biggest winner is VC (Vc firm)," said a senior executive at a portal. Baidu has created these so-called tycoons not finally got real money, are all empty talk."

"old" Zhang Zhaoyang said: "compared with the last round, it is 10 times of Internet users, 10 times as much money. The first is the concept, this time is the real estate."

we cannot in a group of articles in the China answer to the future of the Internet, we only describe what we observed, and we come into contact with the first hand. But one thing for sure, Chinese Internet map is severe dislocation, it will be completely disrupted each deep enterprise which coordinates, also will be the future achievements Chinese Internet pattern. To find a new foothold in the turmoil of the coordinate system, each enterprise needs innovation and enterprising.

> in August 11, 2005.

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