Double 11 benefits you really make it Consumers Association 3 into water

in recent years, "double eleven" has become a consumer online shopping carnival, in a variety of "discount" "seckill" "panic buying" sale "under siege, how many real benefits of



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, the association staff to go to participate in the "double eleven" discount business platform to the identity of ordinary consumers, select the day marked discount is relatively large (below 50 percent off), online sales of more marked 94 items, involving a total of 12 appliance business platform, the 12 category. The survey recorded the price discount on the day of November 11th and tracked commodity prices for the two time periods between November 18th and December 5th.

results showed that, with the "double eleven" price compared to November 18th, in addition to 21 items that have been sold "or" off the shelf ", the price is not clear and queries, paragraph 73 of the same paragraph in the sale of goods, there are 45 models of commodity price increases, the price rose up to 10 times, indicating that these two goods" eleven "do discount promotional efforts is relatively large; 23 commodity prices remained unchanged, in the" double eleven "promotion at the same level, 5 items falling instead of rising prices, the price is lower than the" double eleven ".

Association relevant responsible person said, from three times the price of the survey results, 94 items, a total of 32 can still buy in "double eleven" price is not higher than 9, otherwise than "double eleven" price is low, which is the 3 product price is not affordable or water phenomenon.

"Double Tenth a online shopping price list" fast tracking technology SkyDrive official:

coming next year – and the double eleven you in





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