Li Guoqing over the past 8 years, the development of electricity providers to fight money

Internet boss is chat master. The "three big mountains" and the Internet Forum on new forces, did not talk much, but the debate is Sequoia Capital Partners Shen Napeng and China founder Li Guoqing.

Li Guoqing has been very confused: why the homogenization of serious Chinese electricity supplier, then the most crazy is me, Jingdong and Amazon, want to do the whole category, the whole region. We do not put the opponent in the eyes. One year, Dangdang in the book outside the target is "baby supplies", when we do the first. But second years, Amazon, shop to childcare articles as the target category. Finally everyone loses money. Dangdang just listed in the United States, I would like to talk about Liu Qiangdong, he did not see me. I want to tell him, our common enemy is Ma Yun, we want to shunt is clothing. If Liu (Liu Qiangdong) he lost into the cosmetics in the book category of money, there is no music bee network thing; if he hit the food, one store will not develop so fast."

in addition to competitors are guilty of silly, Li Guoqing also believes that the domestic electricity supplier is not a market segment, indicating that the capital represented by Shen Napeng in China has not yet clear the situation." He even said: over the past 8 years, the development of China’s electricity supplier is entirely to fight funds. Also discuss what business, strategy, the key is to find the capital taps."

Sequoia Capital Shen Napeng sit still: we are cast over Jingdong, but investors are rational. We are seeing a decline in unit costs." He in group purchase for example, hundred regiments, thousands of groups survived the "United States" and not "burn" the most.

Li Guoqing asked: "the U.S. group 90 at 100 centers in the city will be the first, if your money is no more than they, the other group purchase also too over." Shen Napeng answer: the United States rely on the user experience, the user experience first, of course, money can not be." Li Guoqing laughed: those who did not live the company must have a better user experience than we."

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