The rapid development of online shopping website into the human flesh marketing era

shopping site into the human flesh marketing era

According to

recently released data on, on October 9th, the website daily trading volume reached 626 million yuan, almost this data and the Hongkong SAR government released the latest Hongkong in August this year, the average daily total retail sales of 644 million yuan a. Online shopping is booming with an unimaginable speed, in changing people’s way of shopping at the same time, has also spawned a number of special occupation: "Tao" and "brush off", "brokers" who specializes in helping shop manufacturing topics, create a reputation, sales of products, many of them have been earning a lot of money. Young people in Ji’nan have also joined the gold rush in the online shopping.


Ji’nan white-collar do Amoy off the monthly income of 10000 yuan

in a company Jinlong Building white-collar Xiao Zhao working time is free, from the beginning of August, he began to study the network of part-time, and eventually become a guest". The so-called "Tao", is through personal or website as a platform to help sellers promotion of goods, after the transaction in accordance with the effect of the Commission of people. Xiao Zhao said, this is one of the most "lazy" way to make money, "guest" are making money is a commodity resource link, consumers click through them to release a link into the shop, if the final transaction, the shop owner will pay "guest" Commission, "Amoy" no cost, no take the risk, the highest Commission commodity turnover up to 50%.

According to PR department Zhao Jingpeng introduction, at present to do "guest" who had more than 500 thousand. The reporter saw in the online trading District Shun net forum, there are a lot of Internet marketer is promoting others goods shop. Recommend the object is not just Taobao’s shop, as well as pat, eBay, Baidu and so on all kinds of shopping sites. These "guest" when visiting the forum, chat, will need to promote commercial links to chat software, forum, blog or personal websites, when consumers complete the transaction through these links, they can get a certain percentage of Amoy businesses promised rebate. Registered in the forum, blog posts and other recommended way the cost is very low, almost is "not the sale", many "guest" monthly income of four thousand or five thousand yuan, and some have been tens of thousands of.

network push hands to help sellers quickly host

In addition to

"guest" profit, "human is the biggest beneficiaries of marketing online. As the saying goes: "people power" and "gold silver cup as word of mouth", the recommended way to human transmission has brought great benefits to the shop sales. Ji’nan Taobao seller "cute fat Tao Tao said," with the development of online shopping, now the competition between the shop has been very intense, and with the shopping site fees promotion project spread, no strength has invested heavily in advertising, small sellers are browsing opportunities greatly reduced. She opened the shop selling Korean women as an example, even if the price of similar goods in the already achieved the lowest, the product price is also high, the guests into the shop or on the day

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