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July 22nd, the first Chinese women’s online shopping alliance marketing conference in Shanghai, Lujiazui International Convention Center successfully concluded. The General Assembly on the development trend of China’s online shopping and the development of women’s e-commerce model in-depth analysis. According to iResearch authoritative data show that the current domestic women’s online shopping desire and the frequency of online shopping has been far more than men, women’s groups have become the most active e-commerce market in china. Women’s clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, home textiles, food has become the most popular online shopping market, the development of e-commerce has brought new business opportunities and opportunities. All kinds of women online shopping alliance, business platform and shop add a variety of vitality for the development of women and women’s e-commerce website, but also affects the lifeblood of female domestic e-commerce, women become indispensable during the development of electronic commerce, to provide the driving force for the content of electronic business platform sales, has become the catalyst of all kinds of female users into the platform customer.

e-commerce is an emerging industry, but it is the most direct way to connect the Internet and traditional. The development of women’s e-commerce has brought new vitality to the traditional female shopping market. Driven by the vitality of women’s online shopping, not only the electronic business platform have seized the opportunity to develop women related e-commerce. The women’s website also gradually began to wade through electronic business, to provide information at the same time, on the basis of self business platform selling all kinds of women related products. With the help of women online shopping market potential and strong influence, all kinds of female sites have force, to docking with the electronic commerce, the completion of the website information sublimation, to seek a higher level of development. At present, the domestic several well-known large women’s websites have self built electronic business platform, in collaboration with various types of women’s electronic business platform and shop, but also hope that their platform can be replaced.

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when the female website chase electricity supplier pace, have self built platform, selling two not mistake at the same time, there is a website has always followed the "tradition", keeping the essence of female website original insist, that is the beautiful network (http://s.xiumei.com/). As a leading women’s fashion life beautiful women website, network since its establishment, has always insisted on the content of life in women’s fashion as the center of the concept, through a variety of information leading female fashion, women shopping guide. From the clothing collocation to the beauty salon, from the emotional topic to the workplace Raiders, from health to entertainment gossip. As long as it is related to the needs of women, beautiful network is everywhere. Through the various types of information and topics related to women’s needs for women to provide a purely traditional access to information sharing and access to the community.

fashion, life, consumption is the core of women’s online shopping three key words. Consumption is now the core of the three core. So long as captures the expense, then can

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