Electricity supplier in the era of self express courier industry accelerate the transformation of th

Huang Kai

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the morning of February 14th, the courier Master Zhang busy for an hour will be greatly small packages installed on the motorcycle, ready to start the day. According to him, he will send more than and 70 shipment on Valentine’s day, a 20% increase in the number than usual.

Valentine’s day, so that the courier industry ushered in the first peak after the year. Even too busy to eat lunch, Mr. Zhang did not intend to put off the work till the second day, because years ago the backlog parcel has not been completely finished, slightly delayed, parcel accumulateif.

Taobao statistics show that this year’s Valentine’s day, a total of nearly 3000 people in Shanghai to order flowers online, the purchase of chocolate for the more than 18 thousand, the purchase of plush toys, the 57000 people to buy jewelry…… These sales led to the majority of courier packages within the pile up like a mountain hand. In the previous Spring Festival online shopping season, many Taobao businesses have to stop accepting new orders to ensure that consumers shopping experience.

in fact, the average daily volume of Taobao and Tmall mall has more than 8 million pieces, accounting for nearly 60% of the total of China’s express delivery industry package. In this case, e-commerce is growing in full swing, while the other car, downstream courier industry is struggling to cope. In the era of electricity supplier, this demand and supply mismatches, are increasingly exposed.

in e-commerce by virtue of their own accumulation or capital to promote the embrace of the times, started at the end of the chain, in the industrial chain of the courier company is destined to face greater opportunities or impact.

hard burden

before and after the Spring Festival in 2012, in addition to STO employees and customers on duty, almost all of the office staff are down to the grassroots, to participate in the delivery of the courier and sorting work. In addition, the staff had to work overtime two hours, to deal with the transit center pile up like a mountain hand express.

"even online shopping business volume is lower than the bachelor’s day and the Spring Festival Valentine’s day, sorting is the usual four or five times, Hong Di logistics chairman Zhang Pengfei said. To this end, the Company re arranged for the warehouse workers, and the traditional logistics personnel deployed to the electricity supplier warehouse sorting.

started in the transport of B2B Di logistics, the traditional business experience in the light of the difference in sales of the peak season to more than two times, and to the electricity supplier logistics field, this difference can reach several times. A large number of online shopping order has become the company’s sweet trouble, the flexibility of the sorting line can withstand the volatility of orders, has become a challenge in front of.

"this means you have to process different methods according to the order quantity is different," Zhang Pengfei said, in general, Hongdi will traditional logistics warehouse staff to participate in the temporary deployment of electric line sorting, and to recruit a certain number from the long-term cooperation unit outside the temporary worker. On this basis, Di Di added a few temporary assembly lines, these temporary pipeline can root >

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