Tencent business secret meeting 300 QQ online shopping businesses open platform surfaced

has just come out from Tencent independent, invested $1 billion to set up a Tencent electricity supplier holding company is brewing a new round of action. Yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter was informed that this Thursday (July 19th) Tencent business will convene nearly 300 businesses in Shenzhen held a closed door meeting, and the content of this meeting is to discuss the new policy of open platform QQ online shopping this month at the end of the upcoming.

electric Tencent an unnamed insiders said that the adjustment is just the first step of the Tencent to force electricity suppliers, the Tencent internal electricity providers is secretly developing a unified customer service entrance, and service and logistics will also become the focus of the layout of the electricity supplier in the future Tencent.

QQ online shopping platform for open, senior IT commentator Cao Yueping believes, on the one hand it improves the threshold of the industry, on the other hand, by virtue of the huge users and traffic advantages, reduce the seller’s marketing costs, change the previous rough price competition mode, namely the business price war will make war in service.

seller preferred admission

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, the Tencent closed door meeting businesses using the delineation of key businesses located in the business model, for the first time in the list of Tencent identified more than and 300.

in the previous half year time, Tencent business frequent high-level appeared in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, to conduct research on the various types of large number of sellers, the research focus is concentrated in the Tencent heavily to build a B2C platform QQ online shopping platform open investment policy.

it is understood, QQ online shopping has intensive investment team met with more than hundreds of Taobao, Jingdong and QQ mall big sellers, frequent unprecedented density.

in the "daily economic news" reporter was informed that the electricity supplier Tencent MiHui list, including the starry, Gloria, seven princess, Ousuo, Crespo card, Mring and other online brands, in addition to Adidas, Nike, Lining, Kappa, and other well-known traditional Langsha underwear line brand in the column. These businesses over the past few years in Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform has proven its ability to service and complete the larger the size of sales industry estimates: in 2011, the total sales of 300 businesses in the major electricity supplier platform more than 57 billion yuan.

Although the

Tencent by way of casting electricity providers hope to invite more big sellers to enter the Tencent platform, but with the Jingdong, Suning, Tmall (micro-blog) and other large-scale investment platform is different, the Tencent set up a "strict" limit for merchants settled.

a former Tencent and business executives closeted sellers told the "daily economic news", the open platform Tencent QQ online shopping in the seller must be directed to invite Tencent, not invited merchants may not be stationed in the platform in this year.

although the move caused a lot of not included in the

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