Taobao president line epilepsy fake slander Taobao sellers


technology news July 25th afternoon, the Jingdong was close to patted last week’s high-profile on-line, not only to move a key feature introduced to encourage businesses from Taobao stationed pat, but also to eliminate fake secretly blame Taobao’s president of epilepsy in the internal meeting to fight back, saying fake is a slander on Taobao sellers, and that the move is the history of the world’s most failed case.

according to media reports, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said in an internal meeting, Taobao is all fake, line of epilepsy, which is the integrity of Taobao’s millions of sellers slander". He said that Taobao will continue to adhere to crack down on dishonest behavior, so that more good sellers to get more consumers and market opportunities. We want to help the vast majority of the integrity of the seller with the action and merchandise to prove to everyone, Taobao sellers this group in the end how."

Last week

high-profile on-line pat, was seen as an important step in the Jingdong to enter the field of C2C, which launched the key move function, encourage the seller to pat "defection". In fact, whether it is the era of Tencent pat Network or Baidu failed electricity supplier projects have ah, have launched a key move function, but the effect is not obvious.

said in an internal meeting, the move is the history of the Internet’s most failed cases.

moved a lot of times, the more moving their own more chaos, because those who mess up, we destroyed the whole move in the past. You look at all the fake now to the WeChat group, you know. Over the years, it did not see which platform can rely on the move to do business." Epilepsy think businesses are more valued, who can have a more benign market mechanism, who can bring him more users and markets.

to publicly challenge the behavior pat, epilepsy row in the interior, said: "we want to go to their old habits of people who rub. Who let you do the best, others do not rub you rub who. Our focus is on the consumer and the seller, that is our root." (Lin Ming)

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