To speed up the pace of the upcoming Taobao SNS new product shopkeeper said

Ma Yun said that this year, Taobao will face three major events, the first is that Taobao must be SNS, the B2C is the war of the second Taobao must win, the third is Juhuasuan and the auction must be more innovative. Recently, Taobao Juhuasuan page was updated, and vigorously promote the city life and will be SNS group purchase, Taobao released a new product for reform, "said the shopkeeper".


Taobao released the latest announcement:

dear user:

2011 Taobao opened the journey of SNS, in this course we will soon realize the new marketing model, new profit growth point and the new shopping experience. "The shopkeeper said" the product is conceived in such a context, and will be born in May 23, 2011.

said the shopkeeper what is


1, my new release, "the shopkeeper said" you notice immediately for fans of

, my family has 2 sales, "the shopkeeper said" you notice immediately for fans of

3, I want to communicate with customers more timely and more open and transparent, "said the shopkeeper" to talk about the heart of

4, I want to promote feelings with customers, "the shopkeeper said" to plan activities

5, I want more traffic, more new customers, less advertising, "said the shopkeeper to scream.

6, I want a relationship with buyers more stable, "said the shopkeeper to maintain customer relations.


can be said as Taobao’s strategic level products, "the shopkeeper said" is a sublimation of standing in the "Tao River Lake" the giant’s shoulders. For sellers, it will become a self marketing platform for Taobao only: Here you can publish timely and accurate information to customers, build customer relationship management system of their own, the most important thing is to make use of these word-of-mouth marketing loyal fans. For buyers, it will revolutionize the traditional shopping experience: not only can accurately accept shopping information, reduce search costs. At the same time can also establish their own shopping network, in the sharing of communication to find fun shopping. In a word, "the shopkeeper said" will create a people-centered, to network shopping platform framework.

no doubt, "said the shopkeeper" is another weapon dispensers for precision marketing, you are ready to start using this weapon? Don’t worry, we follow the footsteps to walk slowly.

SNS of Taobao, mainly to strengthen the relationship between the seller and the members, previous search engines rely on a single commodity buyers can now have one more choice, Taobao launched the "shopkeeper" for many sellers is a good news for sellers to increase a promotion means, also can pay more attention to their own quality and service product.

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