ndependent domain name of the official website of the electricity supplier side for the real electr

on the "DianShang" it was a joke, if you rely on others in the shop on the platform, the brand is also so others can only be called "Dian Shang" (the "tenant tenant"); if the same is the shop in others on the platform, but the brand is their own, it can be called "store"; only the brand is your own, and have their own independent domain name website can be called the true meaning of the "business", the independent electricity supplier is the future trend of development, the domain name is the first part of the electricity supplier ecosystem.

not long ago, Jingdong mall will be replaced 360buy.com jd.com, vip.com will be replaced vipshop.com vip.com, a shop will be replaced yihaodian.com yhd.com, millet mobile phone will show that xiaomi.com replaced mi.com and so on a series of classic cases, business giants have been advanced to realize good domain name for the electricity supplier giant entrance and brand value, in order to buy these "tall" domain name, they spend millions, even tens of millions.

in recent years, the development of the vertical electricity supplier is very fast, in the comprehensive electricity supplier giant surrounded by pressure, the vertical electricity supplier in order to open up a piece of heaven and earth, we must rely on a resounding, unique domain name. We look at foreign well-known vertical electric business is how to choose the domain name, a well-known foreign commodity electricity supplier website on the use of the domain name soap.com (soap), another large category maternal electricity supplier website using the domain name is diapers.com (diapers), as a typical representative of the entire industry, which shows the wisdom. Here we focus on the recommendation of some of the real estate business domain name to the reader.


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