Sing Chen Hua want to do low-cost high profit fun KTV

Abstract after considering a variety of O2O mode, Chen Hua believes that the best way is to use the Internet to control the overall experience of KTV.

sing CEO Chen Hua (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology reported on June 5th

in sing to disclose KTV’s strategy to do the next line, before sing CEO Chen Hua to cash in on Tencent’s commitment to science and technology, "the Dragon Boat Festival details".

technology Tencent was informed that currently sing the line of KTV product development is in progress, is expected to have one or two months after forming a closed beta in the KTV store after molding, before the end of this year, the first batch of sing the line KTV officially listed, 5 years to win the next 2000 line KTV shop. This is the current goal of singing.

KTV is a profiteering industry ", into the line of the KTV field, Chen Hua’s goal is very straightforward: low cost, fun, Gao Lirun.

mysterious partner

previously Tencent technology has been disclosed, sing it intends to invest in mergers and acquisitions by way of opening the line under KTV. However, Chen did not disclose which is the specific one, hoping to re disclosure at the end of this year.

Chen Hua positioned the company as a strategic partner. For the two sides of the strategic cooperation model, Chen Hua said, can be counted as sing their own, which can be inferred, sing it to take a strategic stake in the strategy, rather than wholly owned acquisitions.

This is specific to the

who, from the words of knowledge and inference is Chen Hua, treasury, music, the same song, candy, Jimmy Chung, Agogo a, should be earlier and sing existing cooperation experience.

line under the KTV cooperation model is to sing it is responsible for the design rules and gameplay, specific issues such as the fight for licenses, store decoration and other issues are responsible for the partnership. In the name of the shop, sing the elements will bring.

line expansion requires a lot of capital, after the experience of February 2012 and July of that year, two were from the blue Chi and Sequoia investment Chen Hua said recently, consider the next round of financing.

part of the funds can be used to do subsidies when the city expansion, he believes that Tencent and drops the user subsidies can play the game at the beginning of this year.

why do offline KTV?

talked about entering the line, he said, before the Internet Co is very afraid of the line, and now the time has come. The contribution of the Internet ten years is to develop a product manager for a large number of traditional industries, but does not change much with the product manager of thinking of the Internet, the pursuit of the ultimate idea to transform the line, have time to.

Chen Hua summed up the venture to sing these two years:

formally launched in May 31, 2012, was the first year of birth, the main goal is not to be competitors to death, >

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