Car home the logic behind the transformation of O2O

uses review: the transformation of the automotive home is the result of the development of automobile market, but also car home must be the result of selection.

text / Wu Meimei song Xuan

car home experience in the transformation of the electricity supplier and the success of the United States to bring the O2O IPO and the entire industry is not a small revelation. Recently, the product of the road network at the annual meeting on behalf of the vice president of the automotive home Ma Gang, in his view, the transformation of the car home is the result of the development of the automotive market, but also the results of the car home must choose. The transformation process is actually relatively ripe.

transformation of the logic behind the electricity supplier

first, the huge market potential of online shopping. The horse had said, with the consumer habits and business environment matures, cars and houses in online transactions is possible; the Internet first change is the people’s Car Buying decision, an estimated 92% people using the Internet to understand the relevant information of the car, 60% of which will focus on the car home, if the Internet to further resolve the trust channel service and other issues, China automobile online shopping market potential will is amazing. Last year, 11 cars as an example of a car to do a crazy car festival, a lot of contact with the brand and dealers on the Internet to sell cars. A total of 80 brands, more than 7 thousand dealers participated in the event, the final single day to sell 15 thousand. For an ordinary 4S shop is concerned, this figure is only the amount of 100-200, the electricity supplier platform to subvert the original 4S store sales model.

second, the media + electricity providers have more advantages. The car compared to other fashion FMCG the decision time longer, users often need to obtain all kinds of information in the media or through word-of-mouth etc. after judgment, in the horse just seems that the bulk of consumer goods for the car, the car home media sites but its electricity supplier in terms of advantage. This advantage is from the attention, interest, intention, to the purchase, we have been serving the user, has the opportunity to continue to export to the user’s website to attract users to the final purchase of this link.

from the business model point of view is not difficult to understand, car home is actually the media "credibility" into the electricity supplier sales links, so that previously reported data, compared to professional more practical decision-making tool for users into car.

third, or thus cut into the automotive market. A corner is actually buying a car into the car market iceberg, including auto follow-up maintenance, users choose insurance and so on are qichezhijia future growth opportunities, and electric cars is a breakthrough in all of this, once the breakthrough follow-up is not a problem.

to slow system fast

Internet advocate "small run", the car home has a good performance in the eleven test, but Ma Gang said they need to take a small step jogging strategy, electric cars not up soon but not stop: in April 15th of this year car home in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong to carry out the right car Car Buying day, May.

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