Alibaba bought a stake in the network and to completely shut down

Alibaba YAHOO marriage case left the last suspense finally dust landing. China ranked third personaltrading site of a film network published announcement today to stop user registration, stop uploading new goods, stop the BBS post and reply, stop all the goods at auction, all online transactions stop. Reporters from the Alibaba company confirmed that the company has held a stake of 100% stake in the network, and decided to completely shut down. By February 15th, a pat Network will be completely shut down, all goods shelves.

incorporate a film network eventually closed ended

for the close shot of a thing, a Taobao spokesman pointed out that the shop itself a beat many users have in Taobao, and the current rally is already very large, turnover in 2005 relative to 2004 growth of 700%, a net after users may have some role of icing on the cake, but not at all change.


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