Pig life through new tricks to promote powder group purchase mode, scheming!

spring summer? Xiaobian have foolishly tell, the first thing is to wake up every day thinking today is what season. However, no matter what small group purchase will stop the wonderful season of hedonism desire.

Just this week,

technology and man told the story, let’s play platform group purchase more! Oh, but small group purchase (chi) (Huo) Master! So Xiaobian to introduce the specific update



add two kinds of buy form

1, the platform to fight the group, people full open group

fight is easy to understand, that is, we fight together. Group must reach a certain number of people to open group. Set the minimum number of businesses offered in the background, fans can only reach the group purchase, but set the minimum number of businesses to consumption. If the number of offered is insufficient, fans can apply for a refund.

for example:

merchant initiated a minimum number of offered 20 seafood buffet. Original price 158, price 99. Xiaobian a look at the price of good cheap ah! So he orders the group purchase group purchase, wait until the number reached 20, you can get a group purchase verification code to the consumer. Of course, the small to enjoy the buffet at once, so will the group purchase share a circle of friends in the group, etc..

shows that the model can not only ensure that the collective business profits, to ensure a certain amount of sales, but also in the group to promote the sharing of a very good effect. On the platform and the merchant’s own promotion at the same time, in order to successfully offered fans will also help to promote.

2, fans group, independent group

group model, that is, fans themselves. Can be understood as a mission to fight an upgraded version of the minimum number of required not only the lowest open group, and is required by the fans themselves promotion tour to take effect.

for example:

Disney Shanghai original 370 tickets, only 50 yuan now! 50!!! But because must reach 5 people tour can, then a small series of the relatives and friends notice again, finally put together 5 people! They buy tickets through the small series of share links, success with 328 yuan to buy the tickets.

However, the natural

technology man stay, when the group did not buy the link to enter the small, so it is not considered in the small group. Had to be their own head, and then find 4 friends and family together to buy a group.

Compared with the

group fight mode, Promotion Delegation Model pays more attention to the fans, by the fans themselves must cobble together the minimum number of offered to open group. Group model is suitable for a large number of suction powder merchants, will increase the intensity of incentives to attract more fans to promote the promotion of power, to achieve the greatest efforts to promote the effect of.

fans sharing, universal promotion

1, level three share, fans >

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