Mercy to save the electricity supplier era army photosynthesis study

as a representative of the domestic private bookstores, photosynthesis study since 1995 opened, has gone through 16 years of history. On the way to traverse the setback between It’s raining and blowing hard. have ushered in the sunshine, rainbows, ups and downs, grow together in Xiamen, the public has Beijing, Shanghai and three heart mark. In October 28th, due to the burst funding strand breaks, and photosynthesis in Beijing Dawanglu two stores in Wudaokou was closed shop and looting suppliers. According to the insiders reflect, photosynthesis has closed all direct stores, at present only a few stores alone support situation. In the electricity supplier is popular today, including books, audio and other multimedia entities industry is facing a difficult situation. Just past singles, dazzling data Taobao mall dished out daily payment amount of 3 billion 360 million yuan, or the lack of "photosynthesis is one of the factors of sunshine".

said that year

1995, the founder of photosynthesis sun tan hope in Xinhua Bookstore, creating a "private space" color of the world. In her opinion, although the book sales field has considerable development potential, but devote himself to this, not only based on the sales, may have more time to view, to create a comfortable space for reading, let the natural flow of culture.

is different from the traditional bookstore, the introduction of ladder space dislocation effects photosynthesis, connecting different regions of different lengths of the book through the ladder, ladder can also access for readers at ease, but also the details and ideas. At the same time increase the cafe or cafe, with most of the Photosynthesis "reading cafe", even in the shopping area is provided with a seat, these are the effective measures to raise the customer consistency. In the online book sales force of 2007 in 2008, just two years, in the face of many traditional bookstores. The plight of the hands, photosynthesis also upstream, only in the Beijing region has opened 11 new stores.

"three mountains" in the new period

began to enter the rapid rise of light and the role of channel from 2004, from the original 10 stores have been expanded to a peak of 31, which is part of the franchise, photosynthesis also visible once glorious moment. But in the face of the reality of payment and profitability test, photosynthesis seems to suddenly become pale, weak stamina. In recent years, the photosynthesis of business more out of a store of love and give up, but the face of the current economic challenges, in a difficult situation of photosynthesis. From the macro perspective, the new era of "three mountains" is the main reason for photosynthesis be cast into the shade.

first, operating costs

The two components of

operating cost are store rent and labor cost. The domestic real estate prices soaring is not the 32 years, property prices pulled on loan market, especially the commercial use of bunk sales seems to be Everfount thrust with the monthly rise continued to rise; CPI >.

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