What is the most embarrassing VC group purchase at low tide

according to the group 800 latest data show that in 2012 to April, nearly a year after the purchase of 2000 websites were shuffled out. This means that, compared with 2011 in the middle of the peak of the year more than 5 thousand, the entire industry eliminated about 40% players.

The number of

company liquidation, how much capital ashes to ashes.

these capital, there are a large number of lack of brand and experience of private venture capital, there are a number of well-known outside the famous VC.

we look at today, buy tide back, which is now the most embarrassing capital.

it’s not a good job.

in 2010, 2011, two years, the industry to disclose the case of purchase financing, probably also on the more than and 20. We can only in the relatively famous more than and 20 cases to analyze.

the following is a collection of tiger sniffing, the leading investment companies to buy information.


table of investment information, especially the amount of investment, the proportion is very incomplete. In general, we can see the following clues:

1, IDG voted two companies buy. The controversial part is, when before and after IDG and Baidu entered the 36 regiment, which coincided with the transformation, changed its name to the transformation of "I know, I now know network positioning network is the" vertical business platform "to focus on the female consumer market, rather than the group purchase company.

2, Sequoia is the same situation, seems also to be voted in two group purchase company, which is actually jumei.com, from the former group purchase website "U.S. group" transition to.

3, Jinsha River venture into the group purchase in the earliest time in brand VC, in early June 2010 to handle network investment, but also dare to bet again, under the heavy note, handle network three a total of $160 million in financing, there is the shadow of Jinsha River. On average, with a total of 9 investors, each family would have to invest an average of nearly $twenty million, or $forty million per share, for the Jinsha River.

4, another heavy note is KPCB, it combined with JP Morgan to a total investment of $60 million sold out two rounds. (A round KPCB alone for $10 million)

5, CDH into Jinsha River, group purchase late, after Sequoia in nearly a year before a "admission", but the investment is two. In May 2011 July, Wo Wo Group invested A round, B round of 24 coupons. If IDG, the so-called "two Sequoia investment group purchase" companies have a "transition" works, is understandable, so for the two pure CDH group purchase enterprises, it is really a bit puzzled. Wo Wo Group and 24 coupons is significantly differentiated positioning in group purchase group purchase company? In the melee, CDH move is really a bit with my own money with their own money to fight.

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