Jingdong came to war 618 discount discount

June 18th news, in order to cope with the Jingdong 618 Daqing, Jingdong also launched homeopathy launched supermarket home and quality of life to enjoy a discount of 38.2% off. It is understood that the user can go to the supermarket in the supermarket to buy a single, in the settlement page to enter the coupon code 618, you can enjoy the preferential price of goods by 38.2% off. Use only once per user.


small series in the supermarket to buy Jingdong total price of 50 yuan of products, after a discount, the first single payment by Jingdong and then reduced by $ten, the final payment of a total of $20.

in addition, Jingdong came to the new line of "quality of life" in each of the services can enjoy 38.2% off discount.

it is understood that the Jingdong as a Jingdong this year home important strategic project in March officially launched, in addition to access WAL-MART, lotus, daoxiangcun and other large supermarkets, but also access to the hungry and home will be two delicacy takeaway platform. Science and technology should also cooperate with flowers, flowers opened service. The opening of the fourth entrance quality of life at the beginning of June, access to call a duck, fight bean supper, jacket shrimp, grief community, picky eaters and love chef and send Hot pot washing state from O2O company responsible for providing service.

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