Wanda electricity supplier to complete the vitality of the new model to open a new life

The rise of

electricity supplier, has brought convenience to people’s lives, but the emergence of Wanda electricity supplier, another way to refresh the consumer shopping experience, and Wanda electricity supplier is what kind of magic, can break through the traditional business model, to realize the self perfect transformation, let Wanda electricity supplier who fly give me an answer.

in particular, the application of mobile Internet technology in the field of physical entities, making the combination of online and offline mobile experience in customer participation, consumption and services are becoming increasingly important. Who will fly commercial Expo tenth Wanda business conference 2016 "held on -26 August 25th (fifast Wanda electricity supplier business exposition)," entity + Internet open platform will display Wanda electricity supplier who fly series wisdom scene, focusing on consumer experience, scene service, bring the transformation of thinking for the business entity.

It is reported that

, Wanda electricity fifast commercial Expo is the largest commercial entity, the entire opening event, is the cooperation and exchange between business entities, brands, to explore the development of industry innovation platform, is a leader in the development of Chinese business. At this conference, dedicated service entities, and promote the real transformation of the electricity supplier Wanda fifast open platform will show a full set of business intelligence solutions, for the first time included: smart shopping, movies, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom hotel parking catering, medical wisdom six wisdom scene and Wi-Fi, parking, three supply chain solutions plan. These products in the future will serve the main consumer scene in the real estate industry, through the application of intelligent technology and products to solve the consumer pain points under the line, to create a more smooth, more enjoyable experience of the wisdom of the scene.

in the smart shopping scene, the participants will see the world’s most advanced virtual mirror and wisdom window, smart lockers, Wanda eye and Intelligent Cloud POS. Imagine, when consumers go to the store to buy clothes, dressing can be in when the virtual mirror on your dress collocation, without undressing, eliminating the cumbersome steps in the intelligent window dressing, you can see all the information including your fancy clothes clothing store price, material, production and so on; when you choose clothes after payment with intelligent cloud POS machine, a key save time and worry, after all this become a reality will greatly enhance the consumer’s shopping experience.

in addition, the Wanda electricity supplier will also be displayed during a commercial exhibition of black technology – big data visualization. The black technology can be multi-dimensional analysis of the user, the formation of an intuitive and vivid portrait of the user, and through visualization technology, real-time rendering on the big screen. This technology will give more scientific advice on the operation and management of the physical business, to provide users with a more personalized, customized experience services.

Wanda electricity supplier who fly not only will look to stay in real business, more focus on the real development of the industry, Wanda electricity supplier in the fifast business exposition scene is real to create a smart hotel and a series of line intelligent scene, Bluetooth lock, reception and check-in robot, machine and other hotel intelligent products will be in the future appearance, intelligence >

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