Please set up a spider reception area for e-commerce website

I recently built an electronic commerce website (cool space), professional fast automatic dress QQ space station website, just not what flow, little is known about SEO, because this site can be directly profitable, so did not have to think about the use of search engines to flow, but directly to the mom to buy advertising and after a month of testing, smashing into a lot of advertising, but not what effect, recommend friends not to Ali mother to buy advertising, advertising bag week mostly false brush flow, and later went to the test by testing the click on the ads, I found a very strange phenomenon, the original advertising alliance it will add the amount of deduction amount, oh, to the webmaster for advertisers and the amount deducted amount


then often go to the webmaster kind website to learn learning experience, slowly learned to SEO, then began to study the practice side. After a period of hard work, all products are shelves, and then write some soft Wen to release, so the search engines also included the start, two weeks included about 300 pages, with a little bit of harvest, so psychological but also quite taste. Every day to see how many included not to mind taking the trouble to take leave of, how much traffic, to the text, to optimize the key words carefully.


modified keywords, but not Baidu update, or previously included in it, a new keyword is not updated, brainstorming, found that I made a very low-level error – no update web content! Although the spider every day to the site, and I did not treat it again and again. Let it empty handed, and let it out, as can be imagined, it certainly doesn’t love my website.

because it is an e-commerce site, the need to display the product is limited, and the new product market is slow, so the update will be very small, and this is precisely a major taboo SEO. Always let the spider hungry, it will often visit you, do stand like a man, is the so-called It is impolite not to reciprocate. It came to visit you and you are indifferent, how could there be a further development. So do business website, if the product update is small, it is recommended to establish a special spider reception area, such as company blog. Update some original content.

and I on the site and added a column, updated every day, the original and false original but never copied, hope to forgive my sincerity in exchange for spiders. Zhu you come back soon, I’ll give you a ready meal waiting for you to come together. You will no longer be cold, not offend you, love you love you, never abandon.

welcome webmaster friends reproduced, reproduced please link to the form of, thank you very much for you to take the sincerity of the spider.

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