Quietly jump into the five electricity providers in the United States online, on what to do


At the beginning of the new year because of Ma Yun

, a Jingdong, a careless word put themselves in the whirlpool of public opinion, Ma Yun eventually had to apologize by micro-blog, this event also led to the outside of the Jingdong and the Ali model merits debate. This debate is not much significance, whether it is a Jingdong proprietary mode or Ali commercial real estate mode is precisely their occupation of the market advantage, the two can go to the market itself illustrates the two commercial patterns in today is the market can be accepted and recognized, and not necessarily what kind of business form more advanced. As an electricity supplier practitioners, veterans are concerned about the two poles in this mode, whether there is a new business model for the industry variables.


between the 2014 and 2013 data released by iResearch B2C domestic electricity supplier industry veterans, found in the top 10 business platform, there is a company that is particularly striking, Gome online market, ranking from tenth up into the top five, second only to the fifth major electricity supplier platform, Tmall, Suning, Jingdong vip.com. These five companies, we found that the United States and Suning is the new variables mentioned above, they represent a new model of traditional retail electricity supplier to the transformation of the store network integration, shop business model.

what store network integration?

store network integration is put forward Home Furnishing business leader Luxuries delivery new chairman Li Lianzhu in summing up the successful experience of the view.

store network integration is to give full play to the advantages of the network and the respective advantages of the line store resources, so as to achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. The birth of the Internet to break the traditional physical store space constraints for businesses and consumers to build a more efficient and shorter links, which means that the cost will be lower. In the high customer price, the purchase of a relatively low frequency of the industry, in the absence of specific physical, consumers will be more appropriate decision difficulty. At this point, the role of the next line of stores to show up. On the one hand, the line stores can become a central node to connect businesses and consumers, a logistics distribution network and effective customer service, installation and service outlets, can greatly enhance the user experience, especially when there is a nationwide sales network advantage is more obvious. On the other hand, the next line store through the interaction with customers to improve sales, product price is also very valuable. Gome Suning as the representative of the electricity supplier model, it is a typical representative of this model.

why is Gome online?

according to the United States, "FAVORITE 50" the most popular e-commerce site rankings survey shows that the top 10 in the electricity supplier website, in addition to Amazon and eBay, the rest are the traditional line of retail enterprises. The United States retail industry is mainly talking about the "full channel", in fact, this article referred to the "shop business" model. In fact, in the Internet era, especially the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, making the channel concept is becoming blurred, consumption >

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