Electricity supplier ferocious physical business road where

"the tiger is not angry, you when I was HELLO KITTY?" this joke now appears to be the fashion terminology in many experienced "singles day", "shuangshier" big promotion electricity supplier merchants who, only the "angry", they may still a weak "KITTY cat".

in this year’s various business holiday promotions, price discount, zero yuan purchase department, which makes emerge in an endless stream, supermarkets and other retail entity has impact, although the store also took out the new iPhone 5 discount, gifts and other "Henzhao", but in the face of low-cost electricity supplier, the line industry is difficult to fight price. But if you think that the electricity supplier businesses to earn pours it is wrong, "fierce" after many online merchants also complain incessantly, "as soon as possible to stop the excessive promotion" is currently a lot of online and offline businesses common aspiration.

Luo Zirong (a pseudonym) a clothing store in Taobao has been for many years, in singles, he began 2 weeks in advance do transfer cargo reserve, from the beginning of November 10th, increase of staff work overtime.

All through the night after Luo Zirong shop

, 10 times higher than usual sales. "You can’t imagine, a special dress, sold in 11 days in the first one of the 10 thousand. In the future there will be 10 thousand girls in the same dress on the street, it is very interesting to think about it! "Luo Zirong has come to think of the sales figures on the day of the promotion is incredible.

, according to incomplete statistics, in the "singles day, online business turnover times ranging from 6~10.

"but the unexpected is that after you know how hard we have profit? Take the 10 thousand pieces of the sales ladies, get rid of all the costs, the average piece of clothing we only earned 1 yuan." Luo Zirong said.

Luo Zirong to reporters calculations, usually a cost of 50 yuan clothes, after multiple links, the price to enter the store to multiply by 10, that is, to sell more than 500 yuan. And there is almost no intermediate links shop as long as 2 multiplied by the sale of about $100, which is the electricity supplier unparalleled price advantage.

to participate in promotional activities, the need to pay a lot of fees, ranking only costs, some locations are particularly good diamond booth fee will be 50 thousand ~10 million a day." Luo Zirong said.

to remove the cost of the above to Taobao, Luo Zirong and his team in the promotion before the transfer of goods due to need to spend 3 times the usual labor costs, logistics costs and operating expenses, etc.. Only a month rent warehouse may rise from a few million to several hundred thousand yuan.

in the control of the price and all kinds of marketing expenses are crazy, operating costs doubled, every time a large-scale promotion, we seem to be a layer of skin, less and less profits. We may be able to earn 1 yuan a piece of clothing is good, a lot of online merchants in the promotion after the loss or." Luo Zirong admits.

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