O2O dry dead entity shop 8 toiling masses revenue doubled!


Manicure, Manicure division finished a single, 70% of the money by the shopkeeper to less than 30%, eventually got the hand; since O2O to Manicure shop after the death of the Manicure masters finally no longer subject to exploitation". A monthly income of 30000 light, 40000-50000 is not a dream! And car maintenance, Yuesao aunt…

…The biggest feature of

O2O: with the home service instead of their own to the store, there is no rent there is no rent costs, the majority of the work of the income of the masses turned over several times. After a long interview in the field of O2O, black horse brother chose the 8 hard work of the masses, to see how O2O change their destiny.


car full of gas smell of automotive technicians

before income: 1000 yuan -2000 yuan

now income: 4000 yuan -5000 yuan

on behalf of enterprises: Carradine, bypassing the 4S shop, technician home maintenance


these people usually lie under the car, engage in a few hours, out of the face is not a white, all gas, income is not high. In China, it has 2 million people, not too many things, family background, pure grass root origin. Where 70%-75% is hourly workers, income is very low, about 1000 yuan -2000 yuan, up is the Chinese workers, income of $2000 -4000 yuan, accounting for all of the population of 20%. The remaining 5%-10% is a big job, they have maintenance experience, can repair the engine, the income is 4000 yuan -10000 yuan.

since O2O dry dead 4S shop, the majority of technicians finally turned over to do the master. He cut off 30% of the rent per unit cost, technicians Commission. The original 70%-75% technician is 1000-2000 yuan, now the average can reach 4000-5000 yuan. In the case of Carradine, they can do 6 single technicians every day, every single to the technician 50% Commission, an average of 30 yuan a month, 25 days is 150, income 4500 yuan.

alone came to the big city Yuesao

before income: 5000 yuan -7000 yuan

now income: 6500 yuan -9000 yuan

on behalf of the enterprise: Yuesao comments, bypass the line housekeeping, Yuesao door-to-door service.


they are 45-50 years old and 30 years old. They usually come out of the countryside or small cities, alone to work in Beijing, the traditional domestic companies to recruit the past, the latter to provide them with food and accommodation, finished a list, the intermediary to smoke 30%. Usually a Yuesao every single lower income is 7000-8000 yuan, the average is 10000 yuan. After the medium is over, they

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