U.S. mission to comment on the word of mouth after marriage or open bite mode

U.S. group and the public comment together, this involves the acquisition of BAT three big brother, completely ignited the O2O brain hole. But you may not guess, the most direct beneficiaries of this marriage is not Meida (U.S. group + public comment, the two have not yet been determined after the merger of the new company name, referred to as Meida), but Ali reputation.

real time window for word of mouth?

O2O, a veteran of the retail customers to billion state power network pointed out that the "Meida" with O2O’s war seems to add a handful of firewood, actually competing products provides a great time window.


according to the previous 58 city and Ganji, Youku potatoes, drops and quick consolidation, integration of the two classes of men need at least six months to a year, reputation and glutinous rice might take to catch up.


"integration is bound to bring the middle and grassroots backbone loss, save reputation and the cost and time of poaching of glutinous rice." Insiders predict that the merger process of the U.S. group and the public comment in Wang Xing’s heart is the key, a bit more, will evolve into the U.S. mission to comment team "massacre".

but the biggest opportunity is more than that.

According to the "Meida

" their official e-mail said, after the merger will run the original business, which means that the new "Meida" will continue in restaurants, movie tickets, takeaway and other high frequency O2O business line goes farther, but ignore the construction from the beginning to the end without any electricity supplier companies and even the Internet giant involved in the "physical commodity O2O system".

This is obviously to

Ali O2O left a way out, there may even be a chance to reverse the O2O war. After all, the physical commodity trading is Alibaba (Tmall, Taobao).

"yes, most high and just need food, but the food O2O is a zero and the market, the result of competition between the last only one." The analysis of deep throat, word of mouth network now do catering may only as its form, strategic depth to deep insertion of the real economy. "Especially the basic necessities of life" dressing "(live and O2O education is also very mature), after all, clothing is the core category in the system of retail Alibaba.

these people believe that if the O2O does not do clothing, is tantamount to giving up a trillion market. It must be noted that this area is the beauty of the United States and the masses in the short term can not be directly covered. In particular, the international second tier brands and domestic first-line brand O2O, is still a vacuum.

that is to say, the United States Mission and public comment from the fight to the merger, has been in the original site to do arithmetic, but gave up the greater opportunities and space.

drops taxi and fast taxi was an important reason for the merger of the original, in order to be able to horizontal expansion, do more travel outside the incremental market. Therefore, through the ‘Meida’ marriage, see only

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