120 billion yuan in the sea to catch up with the smoke of the battlefield ignited the Amazon and Ali

120 billion yuan sea Amoy battlefield smoke ignited

Amazon and Ali or "faction" experts said that Amazon’s overseas warehouse and Ali’s domestic users are our biggest capital

Amazon and Ali or will become a faction

experts said that Amazon’s overseas warehouse and Ali’s domestic users are our biggest capital

– trainee newspaper reporter Wang Jingyang

in the domestic buyers looking for "double eleven" is approaching, the electricity supplier in the sea Amoy market on the smoke has been lit. According to statistics, in 2013 the scale of China’s online shopping market imports more than 80 billion yuan, an increase of 75.2%, is expected in 2014, China’s online shopping transactions will be imported more than $120 billion. Visible, sea Amoy in the electricity supplier has gradually stopped feet.

e-commerce observer, Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang told the "Securities Daily" reporter said, "double eleven" sea Amoy goods not like domestic products to carry out the activities of online shopping. However, because of the particularity of cross-border products does not affect its volume, strong support for the largest number of advantages in Ali sea Amoy market is on the user, Amazon’s advantage is to have the rich overseas warehouse. It can be predicted that the future of Amazon and Ali will become the two representative of the sea Amoy market in different directions."

sea Amoy although the heat is still hidden

in the context of the appreciation of the renminbi, sea Amoy has a more solid foundation. There have been more and more people realize that cross-border products even with freight and customs, still have to pay to buy luxury goods in China than cost-effective, and the quality is guaranteed, and the army began scouring the sea explosive growth.

, however, has become increasingly mature in the domestic online shopping system, scouring the sea is really no danger? Lu Zhenwang told reporters, language barriers, customs policy, and different tax rules and logistics are still scouring the sea development obstacles on the path, "the current cross-border electricity supplier is not mature, domestic consumers to buy not only to go through the customs clearance of cross-border products, but also face a variety of Taxation, and the state of the cross-border electricity policy is still not clear, consumers must pay the taxes and fees are still at a relatively high level, if consumers want to buy goods or to cross-border with eyes wide open to prevent the purchase of high taxes products."

increase in the purchasing power of domestic consumers as well as the ability to enhance the international payment of the RMB, while increasingly convenient online shopping channel is also an important reason for the gradual popularity of cross-border electricity supplier.

but in Lu Zhenwang’s view, although the logistics channel has been rapid development, but in the details still have some deficiencies, for example, domestic consumers to buy foreign products, but because the logistics problems can not be quickly delivered to consumers, and affect consumers. Some foreign companies choose to cooperate with the domestic third party companies to solve this problem, but the system is not finished >

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