Look at the electricity supplier of the workplace and seek wisdom from business

[from the media for a week visit fourth] Note: "paper come Zhongjue light", for a workplace for many years for the comprehension of this sentence impressed but. Practice, if you want to know the people in the workplace inexperienced game wisdom, then you need a social experience has long been successful if you want to know the wise remark of an experienced person; the electricity supplier arena all these years experienced what changes, then you need to listen to a bit in the electric business for many years the old road; if you have nothing else, looking for something new and exciting, so the sage’s story will not let you down.


The interview is

, the speed transit network and many other well-known electricity supplier website columnist, Chinese’s first e-commerce workplace novel "business and seek" author Cai Yongjin. The Wine electricity providers, online booking, group purchase O2O vertical independent electricity supplier has in-depth research and practice, has provided professional business consulting services for the Ministry of Commerce, the Canton Fair, so rich experience in the Internet industry to give him ten years of combat, and has a kind of story?


coincidentally, rooted Internet

into the Internet industry is purely coincidental, but Cai Yongjin has a unique vision to see the prospects for the development of the Internet, convinced that the Internet is the future trend of commerce. This is a belief that Cai Yongjin is deeply rooted in the Internet, the Internet "reign of terror" was shaped potential, strategizing, jueshengqianli.


into the workplace is the life stage of modern people have to face, for many inexperienced young people, it is their most confused the most troublesome choice. Workplace for decades, Cai Yongjin that the workplace is not much difference between each other. Rooted in the Internet, Cai Yongjin found that compared to traditional areas, electricity providers generally younger, more obvious personality. Actually, for personality of young people, the release of the personality is basically equal to the release of talent, the release of the open nature of the Internet on young people’s personality is undoubtedly a big plus. When it comes to people in the business secret business success in the work place, Cai Yongjin believes that the strength of the first, second skills third.

business and seek:

game wisdom electric business career

"life hole are learning, human sophistication that article, this sentence in the practice book Cai Yongjin suits again. "I wrote" business seek "intention is because when I was in operation of group purchase, found great differences on the network a lot of aspects of the article and the group purchase and I view the actual operation of the O2O group purchase experience. Some of the views of some of the viewpoints of pressing a root is behind closed doors, and it seems too one-sided, the lack of global view. So I would like to write a Book of e-commerce companies, panoramic display of an electricity supplier company is how to operate, as well as the enterprise it involves

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