Jingdong PO rumors of renewed cash impulse and Ali race VC

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 16th

Jingdong is not the first time it was about to be listed, but this time it looks a bit tricky.

Bloomberg quoted a number of people familiar with the incident yesterday, said the Jingdong plans to carry out the second half of this year, IPO, financing $2 billion. Bloomberg News reported that Jingdong is working with Bank of America and UBS to cooperate on matters of IPO, which may be listed in the United States, but does not rule out the choice of Hongkong.

Jingdong official declined to comment on this report. Previously, the Jingdong listed rumors, Liu Qiangdong went to the United States last year, and may also accused of listing, but in December of last year, Liu Qiangdong ended the tour after returning to the public for the first time to face the media, said there is no "to make arrangements for the listing".

however, all aspects of the listing of Jingdong has matured. Liu Qiangdong recently disclosed that Jingdong in the third quarter of last year has achieved a slight profit, good financial indicators. Jingdong in 2013 in the open platform, Internet banking business of rapid development, O2O and other wearable devices in the field of innovation layout is also remarkable, compared to Alibaba, Jingdong listed before the capital "story" is relatively perfect.

on the other hand, investors have been the pressure of cash. People familiar with the electricity supplier industry Jingdong of Tencent technology said that if the Jingdong IPO this year is not unexpected, many investors in Jingdong investment since 2007, now also to the return period, VC should withdraw or greater value, matching possibilities. More analysts speculated that in 2014 the timing is good, Ali listed a great possibility, Jingdong is in a race with ali.

financing over $2 billion early VC to exit

Jingdong over the past ten years has raised more than $2 billion. At the beginning of 2013, the Jingdong completed a new round of $700 million ordinary shares of equity financing, investors include the shares of new shareholders Ontario teachers’ pension fund of Canada and Saudi investment company Kingdom Holding Co (Kingdom Holdings Company), some of the major shareholders of the Jingdong and investment.

Jingdong in 2007 to obtain funding from today’s $10 million. By the end of 2008, Jingdong was today’s capital, male cattle capital and the famous Asian investment banker Liang Botao Private Companies $21 million joint injection. Since then, the Russian Jingdong to obtain digital sky Technology (DST), Tiger Fund, a total of 6 funds and social well-known financing totaling $1 billion 500 million.

after so many rounds of financing, Jingdong once again get huge financing is not realistic. From the perspective of investors, Ontario, Canada, the teachers’ retirement fund is a conservative fund, requires a stable investment and high return on investment. The capital of today’s early investors Jingdong, bull capital has invested Jingdong for up to 7,8 years, in accordance with the requirements of the general investment also to the exit period.

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