Development trend of industry website model

The emergence of the

network, so many companies seem to click into place. They have established a corporate image promotion and product presentation, honor certificate display, contact information and other corporate websites, fully open to the outside world. But this is only an isolated site, the company can not be used in the search for a description of the product description. If you are in a professional industry website, all the product models can be searched through the station queries, so that customers at a glance, the choice of cost-effective products, the effect is unknown. So promote the development of the industry website, so far the industry has developed to the third generation site.

is the first generation by news portal, enhance the views, information real Nanbian, registered by the order of time, does not have the search function. Profit point is limited to the home page advertising.

second generation is pure B2B mode, then we noticed the importance of information, so the increase of information classification, sales of information to buy the main, supplemented by advertising pictures, increase the site’s profitability.

third generation began with a branch, the information will continue to be fine, and to solve the garbage cleaning technology, query can greatly improve the accuracy and speed. It can be said that the user’s use and experience to do a great innovation. In addition to the breakdown of information, the site also made an optimized ranking of information, the value of the implementation of peer services. Web site can take advantage of the information on the crane auxiliary industry to do precise advertising, the customer is placed there for the owners to do supporting services, the owners are willing to accept. The author gave this model a humorous name called gold-plated network model". Information may not be the most profitable, it may be only pig iron, but supporting services is a real big market, this is the "gold".

Another branch of the

third generation is the agency service mode, is mainly for large customers. Supplier users to take a free registration, after the transaction is only the way to charge, which is a lot of need to put the precise marketing funds to provide business owners to choose.

salesman with orders to find customers, customers see orders and complete the transaction, the entire process of the value of the site naturally reflected, and customers are quite satisfied. This is the platform for the network and membership fees to make the biggest difference between the platform.

The development of the

industry website is more and more service-oriented, only to do the content to do the service is better, is the way to survive.

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