The marketing strategy of traditional software companies in the nternet market

The traditional

software company limited to line under the fierce competition, have already entered the Internet market, but for traditional software companies how to better survival The climate does not suit one. online? How can like Internet Co take advantage of Internet to expand their market? Always want to write some traditional software topics. The two day finally finished in a hurry. To make such a statement, I want to talk this software company refers to the traditional enterprise software companies, such as before mainly by line management software for survival; apart from the CMS and BBS on the market mainly rely on the survival of the online software, in order to distinguish the following: known as a traditional software the company, the second is the Internet software company.

The development of

network has penetrated into many places around us, and it is closely linked to the application of the enterprise. As a IT software products and networks can be very large, so the online software company survive under difficult circumstances in the Internet plans to enter the market is right wise. I personally agree with that. And hope to own some of the past in the network marketing experience cited, for software companies in the network marketing plan to add a piece of wisdom and strength.

because of my software companies is not very understanding or may be misunderstood, some relatively simple analysis or error, but eventually want some advice is the software company has not yet been used by software companies, trial or consideration, in order to promote the role of software companies in the network marketing to. And obtain new records in marketing performance.

software company products in the Internet promotion and marketing shallow proposal

search engine optimization, network media writing text, forum, blog, e-mail, instant messaging tools information group, with which I don’t say, this one is we had done most familiar work, mainly is the experience, resources and labor.

PPC, advertising fees, special cooperation, this one I will not detail, this one is mainly about the price, followed by the selection strategy, network promotion is to get the final sales results, so I want to say is the key to promote my network marketing methods offbeat:

1, find the right to choose our products.

2, to enclose our customer base.

3, develop more potential customers.

I will be on the following three aspects of the customer base on the interpretation of the problem, I would like to talk about a project I have done before for example. This is a source of goods distribution projects, mainly in the national shop to distribute his products. The focus of this project is that we have to find a lot of shop manager customer base, and the quantity is large enough to. To rely on a certain cannot be completed within the time limit, if the mass of information will inevitably cause the manager who dislike. Later, I think, the general manager who love to go, what they need to store. According to this I thought of doing some manager information.

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