Access to a number of ERP vendors mission to open the food and beverage group

some time ago the United States mission to comment on the proposed CEO Wang China Internet into the second half of the Internet users and Internet users have sparked heated debate. At that time, Wang proposed the Internet Co all at home and abroad, including the U.S. Group reviews are still far did not do the whole industry chain services, beauty group comments can only be the whole industry chain at the end of a short, the next line of drainage, help businesses do marketing. Look back, "Internet plus" to do is each industry from upstream to downstream of the Internet industry, not only to do marketing, at the end of the deal for a short, but can really improve the efficiency of the entire industry, the use of the Internet by IT. Shortly after the time, the group has a quick comment started the second half of the war.


days ago, U.S. reviews announced the launch of open platform and catering, food, financial business day dragon Xingjian catering service providers ERP build a healthy and efficient food ecological system, provide the solution to the overall ecological, based on the whole chain scheme for the next line of business. Restaurant open after the line on the platform, businesses can not only complete the group purchase test coupons in the background of the ERP efficient, flash Hui payment, takeout orders management, store management, follow-up will continue to store management and evaluation, queuing meal management services.


beauty group comments should be hard to force the

road?In fact, in the past, the United States Mission review in the catering industry as a connection between businesses and users of the transport company, the consumer will be transported to the merchant, the merchant dishes shipped to the consumer there to do very good

. However, the service efficiency of the entire food and beverage industry is still very low, the food and beverage industry in the construction of infrastructure services need to be greatly improved and built this road.

first, for users, still some businesses in the catering services do not satisfactory, which leads to the invisible user experience in the food and beverage consumption remains unsatisfactory. Liu Kuang himself most of the time in Haikou, this experience is quite deep, the level of service, the attitude of catering businesses in Hainan province are quite poor, so I to the Hainan province food and beverage service is not good impression.

then, for merchants who, due to lack of user management, better analysis, face the problem of consumers are not satisfied with the traffic loss, businesses are also filled with many helpless, not businessmen do not want to take their food stores to earn more money, often do not know their own businesses a problem in which.

finally, from the food and beverage industry service perspective, the current ERP vendors to provide services for the catering business is very much, but the city so much, catering businesses is too many to count monodispersed ERP manufacturers, due to geographical information, the wrong reasons can not help more food businesses to improve the quality of service, they are also is full of trouble. In addition, there is a lack of a single ERP vendors in terms of service content.


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