Examination and approval policy loose name.Travel tourism domain name registration blowout

      International Tourism Management Bureau announced the.Travel domain name before the world immediately open enrollment of more than 3 million tourist destination tourism.Travel domain name. City, town, cultural heritage, tourism resort, national parks and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty, landmark attractions include these domain names. At the beginning of the new year, due to the competent authorities began to relax the approval policy, place names such as.Travel domain name registration will be a blowout phenomenon. Zhangjiajie, Lijiang, China’s famous tourist attractions, has just been approved.

      U.S..Travel registered authority Tom, Barrett said, because the name of the domain name of the travel domain has its political, social and other aspects of sensitivity, so the authorities are very cautious. But with the gradual promotion of.Travel, the international.Travel authority began to relax some policy restrictions. Now, the relevant domain name site as long as the applicant can provide travel services, with a registered purpose and use is legal, any travel related companies, are able to register these valuable.Travel domain names.

      China is the second country in the world to start the domain name registration. In recent years, China’s tourism industry continues to boom, rapid development,.Travel domain name for the domestic tourism industry provides a rare opportunity to enter the world stage. The majority of investors are very optimistic about the prospects for investment in.Travel domain. Domestic tourism industry is also very important to the industry’s top-level domain name. Among them, China travel network, China international travel agency, ctrip.com have through the only domestic.Travel domain name registration organization "national top ten" Internet Era (www.now.cn) registered your domain name to travel, to protect their own brand. China travel network has enabled china.travel as its main domain name.

      the reporter learned from the Internet era, because the previous international.Travel domain name administration of tourism domain name approval more stringent, although a large number of domestic famous attractions successfully submitted an application, but only a few get through. But this time with the speed of relaxation, speed up the approval policy, Zhangjiajie, Lijiang and many other famous tourist city tourism domain was successfully registered (now the input http://s.zhangjiajie.travel can direct the Zhangjiajie national Forest Park website).

      the relaxation of the policy of the competent authorities to make tourism domain name registration becomes more convenient, which will greatly promote the registration of the domain name. In this regard, the international.Travel tourism domain name authority also reminded governments around the world as well as the tourism industry, according to the "first note first get" principle, some of their jurisdiction

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