My view on the core competitiveness of nternet Retailing


has recently been thinking about a problem, in experienced explosive growth in 2008, the traditional network operators are looking forward to 09 years can bring surprises, but the fact is that in the first half of the year 09 years, most of the traditional network performance for slipping.

In fact, Taobao

from the overall rise, decline of traditional network point of view, only one possibility that traffic is diverted. And the separation of nature is a newcomer, newcomers can be divided into two parts: entrepreneurs (especially college students) and brands. But overall it seems that the more power to the diversion of brands, which naturally reminds me of the three core competitiveness of traditional retail business, in fact, whether it is a network of retail and retail is dependent on its theoretical basis are very similar, but the difference between the difference I think with Mr. Ma one sentence is the most appropriate: the commercial and cultural change. Therefore, my idea is: "the use of.Com thinking, with the traditional theory and practice of business services in e-commerce."

for traditional retail businesses, the first killer in the "channel", the channel is mainly reflected in the product and price. In the online retail market early, especially Taobao this completely free competition in the market, this is reflected especially, around two types of network products and prices developed on the Taobao platform currently occupies a certain position, such as: cosmetics retailer with lemon as the representative of the Green Tea and a large number of clothing retailer is the price of weapons, were the earliest primitive accumulation. In addition to the product’s performance is the most prominent cluster of early network groups, the cluster of small and medium-sized enterprises and China clusters have a certain similarity, such as: buy mostly come from Fujian, the most famous in Quanzhou; Shenzhen for electronic products; while Zhejiang is daily necessities. In addition, the characteristics of the product performance is also very prominent, such as this year’s CCTV Youth Business China strong, who sold the red dates. In addition, the traditional gray channel more prominent place also formed a certain cluster performance. In fact, this is also consistent with the theory of the retail cycle, as an innovative retailer, usually with the price and cost for the market entry point, of course, it is more suitable for retail evolution.

Second cards brand retailer

, a network of retail market brand view should start from the two aspects of the sale, online shopping for consumers, buying behavior by the price change to the demands of the brand appeal is the inevitable trend of market development, in addition to some related factors also play a role in boosting. From the point of view of selling, we need to talk about the two points of view: one is the theory of network channel; the other is the theory of network media. Personally think that these two views is the fundamental understanding of the Internet, the platform or the environment, but my point is that these two are not.


is the core of these two views are based on the network as a platform for the aggregation of users, whether it is Taobao, Sina or community, and the use of e-commerce to the existence of a means of aggregation >

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