The financial business become industrial bank to set up an independent electricity supplier

Tencent Technology (caino) December 13th news, with the Internet Co have set foot in the financial management business, the banking industry is also forced to start the electricity supplier company. Industrial Bank recently announced that it will be stripped of the establishment of 5 years of financial services banking platform, instead of the establishment of the electricity supplier company. The latter will be industrial trust Asset Management Co as the promoter, open to other shareholders of Societe generale.

according to public information, the original bank of Societe Generale Bank financial services business platform, is the first to establish a payment and settlement, technology management and management features of the financial portal. On this platform, Societe Generale Bank provides portal and platform. The product from the product creation mechanism and Industrial Bank cooperative bank capital management department to purchase, you can also go to other banks and other sectors of the fund management department of industrial procurement, only sales platform, only after the completion of the extraction of sales commissions. Can be said to hold the Societe Generale financial license financial sales agency. From 2007 to November of this year, sales of its financial products up to 771 billion 500 million yuan, of which the end of the retail sales of consumer groups has more than $100 billion.


science and technology knowledge, the Department now with "industrial" for the purpose, will set up e-commerce company in the first quarter of next year, after the establishment of seeking to apply for financial license, no longer use the Industrial Bank licence. Intends to Industrial Trust Ltd. Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Societe Generale Guoxin asset management, as a sponsor, and invited the partnership in shares of financial institutions on the silver silver platform.

when the newly established electricity supplier companies will apply for bank financing, trusts, funds and other five categories of products. Last year, the financial portal online retail sales of financial products for customers has reached 5 billion yuan, currently at the end of the day, the entire silver and silver platform retail sales of more than one hundred billion yuan of financial management of 20 million." Zheng Xinlin, general manager of the business department of the same industry, Societe Generale in the sale of financial products is not zero.

this architecture is similar to the people’s livelihood electricity supplier, are owned by the Minsheng Bank + bank information management, and to recruit social shareholders. Forced to set up the financial sector of the banking industry will be shaped into what formats, follow-up or continuous action.

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